travel-medicineInternational travelling is often interesting and exciting, however, over 25% of travellers report experiencing an illness during their trip. Within an occupational setting, every event, illness or disease acquired during overseas travel would become a work related event when the trip has been requested and organised by the employer.

Building Blocks Medical wants to support its clients by offering a Pre-Travel Health Consultation that includes an assessment of risks according with the destination, travel kits, interventions, and tips in travel safety.

Evaluation of infectious risks is based on the geographic patterns of illness, the risks to discuss varies with the travel destination but they should include common infectious illnesses such as Dengue, Malaria, Yellow fever, Zika, Influenza, Hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections, and traveller’s diarrhea, the evaluation of non-infection risk is based on environmental factors and expected activities.

Strategies taken before travel to minimise infectious risk include:

  • favicon Offering medication for treatment or chemoprophylaxis
  • favicon Verifying and updating routine vaccinations such as against influenza, the most preventable illness
  • favicon Administering special travelling related vaccinations for certain areas.
  • favicon Counselling patients on staying healthy during travel should include:
    • favicon modifying behaviour for example eat and drink safely
    • favicon outdoors safety,
    • favicon prevention on insect bites,
    • favicon and how to seek medical care if necessary.