medical-history-formPre-Employment Medical Examinations undertaken from one of our 8 directly owned clinics, will ALWAYS be conducted and lead by a fully qualified Medical Practitioner and/ or Specialist Occupational Physician.

The following components are conducted by our Doctors:

  • favicon Medical examination
  • favicon Collation of a comprehensive medical history
  • favicon Measurement of height, weight, vision, and blood pressure
  • favicon Analysis (urinalysis) of any drug and alcohol test results
  • favicon Musculoskeletal system examination (in addition to musculoskeletal testing)
  • favicon Additional medical questionnaires (e.g. fatigue management, heat stress)
  • favicon Retrieval of further information from patient’s medical providers where required.

The following in-house ANCILLARY services are conducted by our suitably qualified Medical Providers and Technicians:

  • favicon Drug and alcohol testing
  • favicon Audiometry
  • favicon Spirometry
  • favicon Musculoskeletal testing
  • favicon Psychometric testing
  • favicon Fitness testing
  • favicon ECG
  • favicon Blood tests  
  • favicon Travel vaccinations for overseas placement

Once all tests are complete, the assigned Medical Practitioner or Specialist Occupational Physician will review the findings and make a formal determination regarding the candidate’s fitness for duty.

For cases where a candidate is NOT considered ‘fit for duty’, it will be clearly stated as a YES/NO tick-box response – with a clear and detailed explanation provided in the body of the report. For borderline cases, recommendations for work restrictions will be included for the employer’s consideration.

It should be noted that where a candidate is deemed UNFIT for duty, our administrative team will attempt to notify the client by phone as early as reasonably possible.