physical-work-performance-evaluationOur team of Physiotherapists specialise in the treatment and Management of Work-Related Injuries, we will not only assist injured workers to get back to work quickly and safely but ensure that strategies are in place to maintain RTW for the long term.

Building Blocks Medical will engage in the RTW process above and beyond treatment and will assist further by effective communication strategies with all key claim stakeholders and by attending NTD Case Conferences and Worksite Visits.

The initial assessment starts with our physiotherapists, who will gauge your condition and start treatment immediately if required. In some instances, further investigations such as an X-ray or MRI may be recommended. We will organise this for you and refer you to the appropriate medical professional.

Once we have finished the assessment, we will explain our diagnosis and outline the proposed treatment. Commonly this involves some hands-on treatment such as joint mobilisation, deep tissue massage and strengthening exercise program. Then, if required, we will design a personalised Pilates program for you.

We only use evidenced based treatments and provide customised physiotherapy solutions with a focus on manual therapy, exercise prescription, Pilates and self-management.

At Building Blocks Medical, we use a multi-disciplinary approach to pain and injury management.