musculoskeletal-assessmentsOur in-house musculoskeletal assessments are intended to measure a worker’s strength, function and agility – to determine whether they are physically capable of undertaking the physical components of a job without causing injury.

Musculoskeletal testing can be included as part of the pre-employment medical screening package, or as a stand-alone service (i.e. testing fitness for work).

Our Range Of Musculoskeletal Assessments

  • favicon Our Standard Musculoskeletal Assessments are performed by an Exercise Physiologists/Scientists using Building Blocks – to measure strength, function and agility.
  • favicon Client Specific Musculoskeletal Assessment – measuring strength, function and agility in accordance to levels determined by the client, on client specific paperwork.
  • favicon Job-Specific Musculoskeletal Assessment – utilising our range of weights and equipment to simulate movement, function and loading common to a job role.
  • favicon Complex Musculoskeletal Assessment – usually reserved for those employed in physically demanding roles where physical fitness is a mandatory, requiring highly dynamic movement of often heavy loads (i.e. Security Guard). Complex Musculoskeletal Assessments are only available from our Welshpool and Bunbury clinics.