hydrotherapyBuilding Blocks Medical provides clients with a tailored hydrotherapy program to rehabilitate injuries, and encourage injury management and return to work. The hydrotherapy program is set up and monitored by an accredited physiotherapist who is qualified and experienced in providing hydrotherapy treatment and rehabilitation programs.

Goals Of Hydro RTW:

  • favicon Provide education regarding safe movement, postures and manual handling that are required for work and home life.
  • favicon Provide injury management and injury rehabilitation.
  • favicon Facilitate the best physical outcome for the client, including strength, range of movement and physical abilities.
  • favicon Compliment return to work outcomes.
  • favicon Provide confidence related to injury recovery.

What The Hydro Program Involves

An initial assessment followed by a specific hydrotherapy program according to the client needs. This program will be reviewed weekly. Where appropriate, a hydrotherapy program will be progressed to a land-based exercise program.

The length of a hydrotherapy program varies, depending on the injury, recovery and the clients’ ability to self-maintain their hydrotherapy program and exercises.