• favicon Coordination of in-house appointments with Building Blocks Medical Practitioners and Specialists for management of applicable Workcover documentation and medical certificates (First, Progress, Final).
  • favicon Initial review to confirm whether the origin of the worker’s incapacity is work related. This includes the review of the history provided by the injured worker, clinical examination findings, diagnosis, treatment recommendations and specific work restrictions.
  • favicon Prompt diagnosis of the injured worker’s condition, with immediate progression into a fully catered, medical management program – where required.
  • favicon Review of the injured worker’s capacity for work, in accordance with client’s register of available restricted duties. Where it is appropriate to graduate the injured worker onto higher-force activities, this will be clearly indicated on a Workers’ Compensation medical certificate and discussed with client representatives.
  • favicon For the purpose of cross-referencing; reiteration of the sequence of events leading to the incident itself (as explained by the injured worker) will be formally recorded.
  • favicon An informed opinion regarding the likelihood of claim acceptance (by your Workers’ Compensation Insurer). Should Building Blocks Medical form the opinion that liability may be declined by your Insurer, prompt notification will be provided with the option for further discussion with our medical team.