exercise-rehabExercise rehabilitation and therapy are fundamental to reducing pain and improving function in those with musculoskeletal pain. Our physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, and sports scientists incorporate individualised exercise prescription and rehabilitation into everyday consultations.

Our functional rehabilitation and conditioning programs are clinically driven and evidence based so, regardless of the stage of your recovery, we can ensure you will be supported with a treatment plan targeted to your needs. At Building Blocks Medical, all of our facilities (i.e. pilates studio, gym, and pool) can be incorporated into the rehabilitation program to optimise your recovery and ensure that you’re back on your feet as soon as possible.

Here are the advantages of exercise rehabilitation at Building Blocks Medical:

  • favicon Several in-house rehabilitation options
  • favicon Dynamic and/or combination rehab
  • favicon Immediate to final-stage post-operative rehab
  • favicon Clinical consistency and monitoring
  • favicon Ease of accessibility
  • favicon Reduced rehabilitation costs

We specialise in exercise treatments for the following conditions:

  • favicon Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • favicon Musculoskeletal injuries
  • favicon Neuro-muscular injuries
  • favicon Postural imbalances
  • favicon Occupational ergonomics and manual handling
  • favicon Occupational fitness for work
  • favicon Occupational overuse tendinopathy
  • favicon Osteoarthritis conditions
  • favicon Weight related concerns impacting recovery