Prompt Pre-Employment Medical Results

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Multiple bookings for primary and ancillary screening services are managed by highly capable and experienced administrative staff, which maximises efficiency without overwhelming our medical personnel.

Subsequently, this contributes to reduced waiting times for the worker between testing components.

How Long Before I Receive The Pre-employment Report?

  • favicon You will receive the final complete pre-employment report on the SAME DAY the worker attends the clinic. This will include the doctor’s examinations, history taking and reports; as well as ancillary screening results such as audiometry, spirometry, standard/complex musculoskeletal assessments, and drug and alcohol testing… just to name a few.
  • favicon If laboratory drug and alcohol screening is also undertaken, the complete pre-employment report will be received on the SAME DAY (for appointments scheduled prior to 12-noon). We endeavour to meet the ‘SAME-DAY’ turnaround KPI for appointments scheduled after 12-noon, however, we are not able to provide guarantees.

How Long Will The Worker Spend At The Clinic?

  • favicon Example 1: A worker booked in for a pre-employment doctor examination, audiometry testing, spirometry, drug and alcohol screening, musculoskeletal assessment, and fit testing – will be finished in 2 – 2.5 hours.
  • favicon Example 2: A worker booked in for only the doctor examination component will leave the clinic within 1 hour.