National Coverage

Welshpool:  (08) 9358 2144

In addition to our 8 direct clinics, Building Blocks Medical can cater to client’s pre-employment screening needs that are based regionally, state-wide or nationally. This service is available to clients that formally appoint Building Blocks Medical as a preferred panel provider.

Quality Assurance

To ensure accuracy, quality and care during each pre-employment medical test conducted externally to our direct clinics; the following tools are issued to ensure minimum service standards are met:

  • favicon Instructions via email
  • favicon Coversheet with requested services
  • favicon Guidelines to clinic staff and medical practitioners regarding client requirements
  • favicon Paperwork on which the services are to be performed
  • favicon Quality control checklist

Where customised/complex paperwork is required for the client, the paperwork is provided to our third party network providers in advance to review and confirm capability at the time of scheduling.

All completed tests are then collated at our Welshpool base prior to submission. Should any inaccurate, incomplete, or unclear findings be provided by a third-party clinic our administrative team will rectify with the oversight prior to submission.